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Can I Refuse a Breath Test?

Can I Refuse a Breath Test?

Kansas law requires that you take a breath, blood, or urine test in the event of a DUI arrest. According to the “implied consent” law, if you are lawfully arrested by a police officer who has probable cause to believe that you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you automatically consent to taking a chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine in order to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) level.

Upon arrest, the law enforcement officer must tell you and give you written notice that you do not have a constitutional right to refuse a test. Additionally, you are not allowed to speak to a lawyer beforehand.

If you refuse, your driver’s license will be suspended. For a first-time refusal, your license will be suspended for one year. The suspension lasts for two years for your second refusal, and three years for your third. For a fourth refusal, your license is suspended for 10 years, while a fifth refusal results in the permanent loss of your license.

When it comes to refusing to submit a preliminary breath test (PBT), you will likely receive a fine of up to $200. Refusing a PBT does not result in license suspension.

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It typically doesn’t help you to refuse to take a breath, blood, or urine test when you are arrested for a DUI. A first-time DUI conviction can result in a maximum jail sentence of six months and fines of up to $1,000.

To avoid or reduce the consequences of a DUI, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable about Kansas laws and how the system works in your county’s court. At Stein Law, LLC, our Kansas City criminal defense lawyers have more than 25 years of combined legal experience practicing in both Kansas and Missouri.

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