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How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Case

How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Case

In today’s society, we heavily rely on technology such as smartphones, tablets, and computers to communicate with each other, perform job duties, and even stay updated on current events. Making us even more connected is social media, enabling billions of people all over the world to share their lives with their loved ones, friends, and even the public.

But when it comes to criminal investigations, a person’s activity and history on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used against him/her in a court of law. Information shared on these platforms may be public information, despite privacy settings that make posts appear hidden. Archives on websites can maintain records of posts--even if they were deleted.

Law enforcement can use social media for the following reasons:

  • Find new evidence to build a strong case against a suspect
  • Discover incriminating posts such as status updates, photographs, and even check-ins to piece together a timeline of events
  • Determine a suspect’s whereabouts before the crime was committed
  • Locate other suspects or witnesses related to a criminal investigation
  • Validate alibis

If you are currently under criminal investigation, you need to maintain a low profile at all costs. Once the case is over, you can resume your normal activity. The only person you should be talking to about your case is your attorney and not sharing any details on social media.

Keep in mind, do not completely delete your social media accounts. This could be viewed by police as an attempt to destroy evidence, resulting in even further legal trouble.

If a family member or a friend asks a question related to the criminal case on social media, avoid responding at all costs. Also be wary of posts and tags by others, let them know that it is not acceptable to share sensitive information online.

If you have been arrested for a crime in Kansas or Missouri, contact our Kansas City criminal defense lawyers at Stein Law, LLC today.


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