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Defenses to Sex Crimes

Defenses to Sex Crimes

If you are facing false allegations of a sex crime, there are a variety of defenses which can counter the charges. If convicted of a sex crime in Kansas, not only do you face a lengthy prison sentence, but you must also registeras a sex offender which can dramatically hinder your ability to gain employment, apply for college, find housing, and take advantage of other opportunities in life.

Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can make a significant difference. Your attorney can assess your case, determine all of the available defenses, and protect your rights and future from criminal consequences.

The following are the most common defenses to sex crimes:

  • Innocent – You may argue that you are completely innocent of the charges because you were not at the place during the time which the alleged offense occurred. This is commonly known as an alibi. In order to support your alibi, you must prevent evidence that you were at a different location at the time the crime took place. If you were at the same location the alleged incident happened, you could also demonstrate that no sexual activity occurred.
  • Consent – Although the sexual encounter occurred, you could argue that the victim expressed consent prior to the incident in question. Even if forensic evidence shows you were involved in a sexual act with the accuser, this fact no longer matters unless it shows force was also a factor.
  • Revenge – Whether no sex occurred or the sexual activity was consensual, your lawyer could question the alleged victim’s motivation for making such allegations. Were you and the alleged victim involved in an emotional breakup? Could the alleged victim financially benefit from the sex crime accusations? Is the accuser attempting to protect his/her reputation by claiming a sex crime as opposed to admitting consent? Any of these motives could cause the jury and judge to second-guess the accuser’s testimony?
  • Taint – In the event you were accused of a sex crime involving a minor child, taint occurs when a child is involved in suggestive interviews conducted by law enforcement, therapists, and even the child’s own parents. Not only do children often want to please adults by affirmatively answering their questions during these interviews, but they are also sensitive to the implantation of false memories.
  • Inadequate collection of evidence – Gathering evidence from the alleged victim and the scene of the criminal offense must be done according to a strict protocol. If the evidence is improperly obtained or the police failed to follow the lawful procedures, the evidence could be considered tainted.

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Kansas, contact our Kansas City criminal defense lawyer at Stein Law, LLC and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your case today.


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