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Will a Juvenile Crime Stay on My Criminal Record for the Rest of My Life?

Will a Juvenile Crime Stay on My Criminal Record for the Rest of My Life?

Sometimes a mistake we made in our youth can become an embarrassment when we reach adulthood. In addition, these type of incidents can become public after law enforcement gets involved.

But can a juvenile offense stay on your criminal record forever? The short answer is “not really.”

Kansas law says juvenile adjudication is eligible for expungement. Additionally, recent state laws now make immediate interventions and uncharged police records eligible as well

Expungement in Kansas means hiding a criminal record from public view—not destroying it entirely. However, potential employers will not be able to see such charges, and you could answer “no” when asked if they have ever been accused or conviction of a criminal offense.

Those with juvenile criminal records may be eligible for expungement once they reach 23 years of age or once two years have passed since the case ended. Juvenile records will not be expunged in the case of convictions for various serious crimes, such as murder or sexual assault.

As soon as you determine your eligibility, the first step is to obtain and complete the appropriate Petition For Expungement form. The docket fee for expungement is $195 for each juvenile case, regardless of the disposition. Ensure your money order is payable to the “Clerk of the District Court.”

Deliver your expungement petition and money order to the District Attorney’s Office, specifically the Juvenile Division, or mail it in. Processing, which includes a thorough check for further violations of the law, will take approximately eight to 12 weeks.

If the petition is accepted, an order for expungement will be mailed to you. On the contrary, you can receive a denial notification.

If you are interested in having your juvenile criminal record expunged in Kansas, contact our Kansas City criminal defense attorney at Stein Law, LLC today.


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