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When Can an Internet Search Lead to an Arrest?

When Can an Internet Search Lead to an Arrest?

With search engines such as Google or Bing, you can search practically anything you wish to know about online. However, certain searches and terms are monitored and may result in a police investigation.

The following are the most common internet search terms that can lead to an arrest:

  • “Kiddie porn” – Child pornography involving minors aged 17 and younger is highly illegal to view online. Even a search for child porn on the internet could result in being arrested for and charged with a crime since an active search for kiddie porn can indicate an intent to commit the crime of viewing or possessing child pornography.
  • “Explosives” – Subjects related to terrorism, making explosives at home, or illegally modifying weapons can result in a criminal investigation. In 2013, a New York woman got a visit from law enforcement they discovered terror-related searches from their home’s computers. She looked for “pressure cookers,” her husband searched for “backpacks,” and her son read articles about homemade bombs from stories about the Boston Marathon terrorists.
  • “Download media” – It is illegal to use torrent downloading to obtain legally copyrighted material such as music or movies. Although torrenting material that isn’t protected by copyright is lawful, downloading or sharing copyrighted material is a federal violation.
  • “Deep Web” – Also known as the dark web, it is considered the internet’s criminal underbelly, where you can find questionable materials. Whether you are searching to purchase illegal drugs or hire an assassin, even joking around can result in a police investigation.

If you have been arrested for an internet crime in Kansas or Missouri, contact our Kansas City criminal defense attorney at Stein Law, LLC today.


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