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Penalties for Federal Drug Convictions

Penalties for Federal Drug Convictions

Shows like Narcos follow the rise and fall of powerful drug lords and their empires. While many of these kingpins end up six feet under, some are extradited to the United States for trials under federal law. This begs the question: just how serious are the penalties attached to federal drug convictions?

Penalties for Federal Drug Possession

Unsurprisingly, penalties for federal drug convictions are typically worse than state-level convictions.

A simple drug possession conviction at the federal level will result in the following penalties:

  • imprisonment for up to a year; or
  • a minimum fine of $1,000; or
  • both penalties.

A simple marijuana possession charge in Kansas will result in a Class B nonperson misdemeanor charge. A Class B nonperson misdemeanor conviction could result in the following penalties:

  • imprisonment in county jail for up to 6 months; or
  • a maximum fine of $1,000; or
  • both penalties.

As you can see, the penalties for a simple federal drug possession conviction could result in nearly twice the prison sentence of the state’s equivalent conviction.

Drug Trafficking Penalties Depend on Circumstances

Moving drugs across state lines could result in federal drug trafficking charges. The potential penalties for trafficking convictions are impacted by the type and quantity of trafficked drugs.

For example, trafficking more than a kilogram of heroin could result in at least a decade of imprisonment, but trafficking less than a kilogram but more than 100 grams of heroin could result in at least five years of imprisonment. There’s a big difference between a minimum sentence of five and ten years.

Serious Penalties Need Serious Representation

As you can see, federal drug penalties are severe; however, our criminal defense attorneys have participated in more than fifty jury trials and hundreds of bench trials in federal and state courts. If you or a loved one are accused of federal drug charges, you want experienced federal representation on your side.

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