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College Students Accused of Sex Crimes Need an Attorney ASAP

College Students Accused of Sex Crimes Need an Attorney ASAP

Accusations of sexual misconduct are common, and allegations are often more pervasive in college settings. In fact, many students find themselves accused after seemingly consensual sexual encounters.

Facing a sex crime accusation is an incredibly distressing experience, but you need to resist your first instinct to explain yourself to authorities. Even when you know you are innocent of all criminal allegations, you should exercise your right to remain silent and retain legal counsel.

Immediate Repercussions

In the legal world, you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, there are no legal repercussions until the case is resolved; however, this doesn’t apply to administrative penalties from schools. Schools have a habit of disciplining students accused of sexual misconduct before they are proven guilty.

This means that innocent students are getting wrongfully expelled.

For this reason, any student accused of sexual misconduct should contact an experienced sex crimes attorney as soon as he or she finds out about the accusation!

Contact an Attorney Now

When accused, you’ll want an experienced Kansas City attorney who can aggressively defend you against criminal charges. A sex crimes lawyer can conduct a complete investigation into the incident and help secure the evidence needed to defend your case.

No matter what sex crime you are facing, remember that a prosecutor is required to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the highest legal standard. Stein Law, LLC has handled a wide variety of sex offense cases and can help you with yours.

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