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Your Teen's at Risk of Felony Charges

Your Teen's at Risk of Felony Charges

We all want to think the best of our children, but they can mess up from time to time. While most of these mistakes will result in nothing more than a letter from a disgruntled teacher, one mistake could cost them their freedom. Our blog post today could show you how your teen is at risk of potential felony charges.

Sexting & Potential Charges

In Kansas, the age of consent stands at 16 years old; anyone under the age of 16 cannot give legal consent to any sexual activity. What many parents fail to realize is that this includes sexting.

Sexting is when people use their computer, phone, or camera to take or send “sexy” messages or images to another person. Many teens engage in sexting behavior (as we will discuss below), but sexting can lead to severe consequences depending on the circumstances of the sexts.

For example, if someone has nude pictures of his or her 15-year-old significant other on his or her phone, police could charge the person for owning child pornography (a felony in Kansas), even if the recipient is under 16-years-old. Therefore, anyone (including a minor) who has nude pictures of a minor can be arrested for owning child pornography.

If you’re not worried about your teen sexting, take a look at these facts.

Pervasiveness of Sexting

A study by Pew Internet found that 20% of all 16-year-olds received sexually suggestive, nearly nude, or nude images of someone they know: that was back in 2009. In 2018, JAMA Pediatrics found that 27% of all teens receive sexts. The problem has gotten worse over the years, and it’s not expected to slow down.

If your teenager has a smartphone, it may be wise to talk to them about the dangers of underage sexting. They are at risk of a criminal charge if they have sexual pictures of an underage significant other, or if they share sexts to friends without the sender’s permission.

If your son or daughter is charged for possession of child pornography, statutory rape, or any other sexual offense, we at Stein Law, LLC can help. Call (913) 583-0465 now for a free consultation for their case!


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