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False Accusations Destroy Lives

False Accusations Destroy Lives

“Innocent until proven guilty” is more than a crime drama quote, it’s the foundation of the American justice system. Unfortunately, some people accused of sexual assault or domestic violence are proven guilty despite their innocence. These scenarios are extremely serious, and they often destroy the lives of the accused. Read the stories below to learn just how devastating false accusations can be.

Cornerstone Caroline

In October of 2018, a young boy in New York was accused of sexual harassment by a woman during a routine shopping trip with his mother.  As the boy walked down an aisle of the store, his backpack bumped into a woman who then accused him of groping her. The woman made a scene and called police and asked them to investigate the situation. Six days after the incident, video evidence proved the boy’s innocence, and through tears, the boy said that the event has made him think about life differently. Quite a traumatic experience for a nine-year-old boy, but luckily, the video evidence doesn’t lie.

Connecticut Football Accusation

In 2016, two young college football players were forced to leave their school and their team when a woman accused them of rape. While the three did have a sexual encounter, the woman reportedly told the police she was raped so she wouldn’t lose a potential boyfriend. This accusation forced the players to lose their scholarships to the school, and they were subsequently expelled. Fortunately, justice prevailed in this story, and the woman was sentenced to a year in jail for her made-up story.

Decades of Imprisonment

Two men accused of rape in 1991 were finally acquitted of the crime in May of 2018. Decades after a fabricated story of rape at knife-point, a man who faced 26 years in prison and another man who faced 11 years in prison were finally given their innocence back. The woman who accused them of rape held on to the secret of these men’s innocence for more than 25 years and each one paid a significant price. Although their innocence is proven, the men lost a combined 37 years of life due to the woman’s claim.

As you can see, false accusations destroy lives. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a false accusation of sexual assault, Stein Law, LLC can help.


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