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Examples of Federal Drug Crimes

Examples of Federal Drug Crimes

Some people don’t know the differences between state and federal crimes. State crimes are when people break the law at the state level; federal crimes are when people break the law at the federal (nation-wide) level.

A federal charge is typically harsher than a state charge, which means you don’t want to be charged at the federal level. To help you steer clear of federal charges, Stein Law, LLC has gathered some examples of federal drug crimes.

Examples of Federal Drug Crimes

If someone manufactures, distributes, dispenses, or possesses an exorbitant amount of drugs, he or she may face federal charges.

For example, distributing the following number of drugs will result in federal charges:

  • 500 or more gms of cocaine;
  • 40 or more gms of fentanyl;
  • 100 or more gms of heroin;
  • One or more gms of LSD.

However, federal drug charges stem from more than crimes involving large quantities of drugs.

Circumstances that Create Federal Charges

Federal drug crimes are typically regular drug crimes mixed with federal involvement. For example, if an FBI agent was the one to make an arrest for possession, the charge against the accused would likely become federal because a federal agent is the one who made the arrest.

Similarly, if an FBI informant gives information that leads to a person’s arrest, it’s likely going to be a federal charge due to the use of federal resources.

Lastly, if people commit crimes on federal land, they will likely face federal charges. Therefore, if someone is arrested for drug possession in a national park, prosecution will come at the federal level.

Accused of a Federal Drug Crime?

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