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Federal Child Pornography Sentencing Guidelines

Federal Child Pornography Sentencing Guidelines

With the advancement of the Internet, more people are being charged with child pornography crimes. The charges for individuals vary based on the victim's age and if the defendants have any past convictions. No matter how minor or severe the incident is, it's important for clients to have good legal representatives.

Child Porn: A State and Federal Crime

All U.S. states and the federal government ban the creation, sale, distribution, and possession of child pornography. This pornography consists of images and videos that depict minors under the age of 18. Accused people can spend five to 20 years in prison and pay thousands of dollars in fines.

Brief Overview of the Guidelines

The U.S. government sets recommended federal guidelines for cases against people who are charged with selling, possessing or receiving child pornography that involves minors. The younger the child is, and the more images the person possesses, the worse the charge.

The severity of the offense increases by two levels if the exploited child is 12 years or younger.

The charges increase by five levels for people who sell pornography for financial gain.

Distributing pornography to a minor also increases by five levels. Distributing content to a minor that involves coercion, enticement, or persuasion results in an increase of seven levels. However, if the suspect does not distribute the pornographic material, the offense may decrease by two levels.

Forbidden acts that involve sadism, masochism, or violence increase the charge by four levels. The levels increase by two when a computer is involved in the sale, receipt, or distribution of material.

An offense that involves ten to 150 images of child pornography increases by two levels. One that involves 150 to 300 images increases by three levels, 300 to 600 images increase by four levels, and a charge that involves 600 or more images equals five levels.

When a Lawyer Is Necessary

A federal child pornography charge sounds serious because it is. One charge could land you in federal prison for years, depriving you of your life and liberty.

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