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Kansas Prescription Drug Fraud

Kansas Prescription Drug Fraud

The high price of prescription medication, as well as the epidemic of opioid abuse, has resulted in an increase in prescription drug fraud in Kansas and all over the country. While some people commit this type of drug crime as a means to obtain the medicine they cannot afford or to supply their addiction, others do so in order to sell prescription drugs for a profit.

The following are the most common ways to commit prescription drug fraud:

  • Commonly known as “doctor shopping,” this occurs when a person visits multiple doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions without telling them about all previous visits.
  • Forging signatures on prescriptions.
  • Altering prescriptions to change the prescription amount or the type of drug.
  • Stealing a prescription pad.
  • Using computers and printers to fake prescription pads.
  • Pretending to be a doctor or healthcare provider to obtain prescriptions.
  • Providing false information to healthcare providers.

Not only do patients commonly commit prescription drug fraud, physicians and medical professionals (e.g. nurses and pharmacists) are also commonly charged with this crime by issuing fraudulent, invalid, and unusual prescriptions. Prescription fraud committed by healthcare providers generally happens either during or outside the normal course of their practice or job duties.

In Kansas, obtaining a fraudulent prescription is a Class A misdemeanor; however, a second or subsequent offense is considered a severity level 9 nonperson felony. Selling a fraudulent prescription is also a severity level 9, nonperson felony. Keep in mind, the charges could be harsher depending on the extent of the fraud (e.g. the number of false prescriptions, the amount of drugs involved, the number of people affected, etc.)

Common criminal defense strategies in prescription fraud cases include:

  • The doctor or medical professional acted in “good faith” if a patient isn’t truthful about his/her medical information.
  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • The defendant was not aware they were in possession of a prescription drug

If you have been charged with prescription drug fraud in Kansas City, contact Stein Law, LLC today at (913) 583-0465 and schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options.


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