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Moving Forward: A Guide to Putting Domestic Violence Behind You

Moving Forward: A Guide to Putting Domestic Violence Behind You

Even if you’re innocent, domestic violence charges can impact your life in ways that very few other crimes can. Simply being charged with domestic violence can drastically impact your life in many ways. Some of the most common things to change following a domestic violence arrest include:
  • A tarnished family life
  • A lack of trust among family and friends
  • A broken reputation
  • A feeling of hopelessness
  • A large financial burden

However, while there are many lasting effects associated with domestic violence charges, there are steps you can take to truly put your past behind you.

Realize You Aren’t the Victim

When it comes to domestic violence charges, there are typically two different situations.

You’re Guilty

You harmed someone you care about, and now, you’re left wondering how that happened. Maybe it was something from your past that sparked strong emotions. Regardless, you committed a crime, the charges were fair, and your sentence was morally correct. However, you realize you made a mistake, and you’re not looking to pick up the broken pieces.

You’re Innocent

You got into an argument with your significant other, and it got pretty heated. No violence was involved, but the argument didn’t end well. Your significant other knows that filing domestic violence charges against you will add many problems to your life, and could help resolve problems such as child custody or splitting assets in a divorce.

Although you’ve been falsely accused, you’re arrested and charged with domestic violence. From there, you’re treated like a criminal by authorities and many things about your life change. You aren’t able to visit your children while the investigation is underway. You’ve been temporarily let go of your position at work, and your friends and family are now pinned against you. Your life is spiraling out of control, all due to a false allegation.

Regardless of which situation you might be in, it’s important to remember that you are not the victim. To truly move forward from your past, you must accept that life isn’t always fair. However, while it isn’t fair, there are options available to you to help defend your future.

Stein Law, LLC Is Ready to Fight for Your Future

As you take a look back at your past, you realize that there are things you could have done differently. At Stein Law, LLC, we want to reassure you that a mistake does not have to define your character.

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, there are things you can do to protect your future. Our team is ready to discuss how we can help over then phone when you’re ready.

Call us today (913) 583-0465 to learn more about how we can help you put your past behind you.


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