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Which Winter Holiday is the Deadliest for DUIs?

Which Winter Holiday is the Deadliest for DUIs?

While the winter holiday season is great for spending time with family and friends, it is also the time of year when some of the highest DUI rates and fatalities by drunk driving occur. Whether it’s because of more people on the road or stress causing others to drink more, these are which holidays you should be extra cautious of when driving.


The week of Thanksgiving statistically has some of the highest travel numbers, with the Wednesday before being notorious for the millions of people on the roads — about 51 million in 2019 alone. While these numbers can account for some amount of car accidents, the statistics involving drunk driving are more shocking:

  • Also known as "Blackout Wednesday," the day before Thanksgiving sees an annual increase in alcohol sales by over 110%.

  • More than 800 people died in alcohol-related accidents from 2012-2016.

  • Over one-third of all fatalities during the week of Thanksgiving involve drunk driving.

  • High-risk DUI offenders are 44% more likely to drink and drive during the Thanksgiving weekend.


Note: Thanksgiving outranks any other holiday for DUIs, alcohol-related accidents, and fatalities.

Christmas and New Year's

Similar to Thanksgiving, these winter holidays are notorious for drinking and driving. However, it is actually the week between them that sees the most spikes:

  • About two to three times the amount of people die because of alcohol-related crashes compared to other similar periods.

  • Nearly 40% of car accidents during the week include an intoxicated driver.


You may also find it unsurprising that other holidays with high numbers of DUI arrests and fatalities happen during the summer months and include Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day Weekend.


Penalties for DUI Charges

Drinking and driving at any time of year, let alone during the holidays, can have serious long-term consequences. If charged with DUI, you could be facing:

  • First offense: 48 hours in prison or 100 community service hours, and a fine of $750-1000.

  • Second offense: 90 days in prison and a fine of $1250-1750.

  • Third offense: 90 days to one year in prison and a fine of $1750-2500.


For any of these offenses, the court may also decide to sentence you to an educational program or house arrest.

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