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Can I Get My DUI Expunged?

Can I Get My DUI Expunged?

In 2015, Kansas enacted a new law that stated you can apply for DUI expungement five years after completing the sentence the judge gave you at your hearing. If you have a second DUI conviction, you will need to wait ten years before this conviction may be expunged. A third or subsequent conviction will also require a 10-year waiting period.

Keep reading to learn how this process works, and why hiring the help of an experienced DUI attorney can help your case.

What Does it Mean to Have a DUI Expunged?

Expungement is a process in which an attorney petitions the court to have a conviction removed from your record. If it gets expunged, the charge will no longer show on your record, except for specific instances, like applying for a law enforcement job.

Why Should I Expunge My Record?

If you never try to have your conviction expunged, it may remain on your record forever. This can be detrimental to your future if a potential employer uses an outside service to perform a background check on you.

Getting your DUI conviction expunged can also help if you are planning on applying for higher education or moving into a housing unit that requires any kind of criminal background check.

The Expungement Process

Hiring an attorney is an excellent first step in the expungement process. Your lawyer will ensure that you complete all the necessary paperwork and can petition the court on your behalf. Once a hearing is scheduled, they can even attend in your place. If you haven't been arrested since your conviction, have completed all necessary parole or probation, and you haven't gotten into any further trouble, the judge is likely to grant your petition.

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The team at Stein Law, LLC is experienced in expungements for all kinds of crimes and will work with you to gain the best possible outcome. If you have been convicted of driving under the influence and wish to have your record cleaned, contact our skilled Kansas City attorneys by calling (913) 583-0465.


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