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Can I Get My DUI Expunged?
Can I Get My DUI Expunged?

In 2015, Kansas enacted a new law that stated you can apply for DUI expungement five years after completing the sentence the judge gave you at your hearing. If you have a second DUI conviction, you will need to wait ten years before this conviction may be expunged. A third ...

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  • Why Does Crime Increase During the Holidays?

    Holiday Crime Rates: Explained Despite the winter holidays being known as the "most wonderful time of year," it is also well known that this season ...

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  • Which Winter Holiday is the Deadliest for DUIs?

    While the winter holiday season is great for spending time with family and friends, it is also the time of year when some of the highest DUI rates and ...

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  • How Do DUIs and DWIs Differ in Kansas City?

    Kansas City is one of the biggest cities in both Kansas and Missouri. Since it's shared between the two states, it also has two police departments to ...

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  • Social Media and Your Domestic Violence Charges

    There's no denying the fact that social media has become an integral part of our culture. While it provides many helpful benefits for users, it also ...

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  • Is It Against the Law to Look in Other People's Windows?

    When someone's in their own home, they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Meaning, whether they're in their kitchen, bedroom, or living room, ...

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  • Moving Forward: A Guide to Putting Domestic Violence Behind You

    Even if you’re innocent, domestic violence charges can impact your life in ways that very few other crimes can. Simply being charged with domestic ...

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  • What Is a Criminal Threat?

    In Kansas, a criminal threat involves someone threatening violence against another. The threat must be communicated in some way, such as verbally or ...

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  • Is Text Harassment a Crime?

    Take this scenario: You're sending a few texts to a person you know – they could be a friend, romantic partner, or acquaintance. Although you're ...

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  • Child Porn and Teens: What Every Parent Needs to Know

    In today's age of the Internet, it can be very easy to be exposed to a lot of things, especially through social media channels. It is true that once ...

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