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Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges in Kansas City

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The “War on Drugs” has led to the passage of a number of broad-reaching laws which make a number of actions illegal, in addition to levying strict penalties on convictions for breaking those laws. Perhaps none of these laws has been more broad and vague in its creation than drug conspiracy, which essentially makes it illegal to conspire to commit a drug crime, whether it’s manufacturing, cultivation, transportation, sale, or possession. Under United States Code, 21 U.S.C. § 846, simply planning to commit a federal drug crime is enough to warrant an arrest and conviction.

These charges can be extremely broadly-reaching, and could even result in the friends or loved ones of those who are conspiring to commit a drug crime being arrested, even if they took no part in the conspiring themselves or the drug crime in question was never actually committed.

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Defending Against Drug Conspiracy Charges

Because drug conspiracy can be such a widely-encompassing statute, formulating a legal defense can be difficult. The difficulty lies primarily in a rule established in Pinkerton v. United States, which says that a conspirator is responsible for any and all acts done by their co-conspirators, even if they did not actually take part in the crime itself. This means that multiple people can be found guilty when only one person actually perpetrated the crime in question.

However, your prosecution must be able to prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that you were a conspirator in a plot to break federal drug laws in order to be convicted of these charges. This means they must be able to show that you knew about a plan to willfully break federal laws and voluntarily joined in.

Some common defenses to drug conspiracy charges include:

  • Lack of knowledge: it’s not uncommon for innocent individuals to get dragged into drug conspiracy charges when they have a passing contact with another person who is conspiring. For example, someone who intended to purchase a car from a private party seller may not have known that the vehicle was stolen and the seller planned on using the proceeds to fund a drug smuggling operation.
  • Search and seizure: Evidence that supports conspiracy charges may be obtained illegally, thus unjustifiably connecting someone to a drug case. Was the evidence obtained by a proper search? Was a warrant obtained or the search performed legally? If any evidence was obtained via a violation of defendant’s rights, the evidence could be suppressed, which significantly weakens any conspiracy cases.
  • Witness reliability: Witness testimony has been found to be notoriously unreliable, particularly when a witness has anything to gain from testifying. Informants have been known to lie about relationships or events involving a suspected individual to reduce their own harsh penalties, so testimony is actually far less reliable than you might think.

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