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Drug Manufacturing in Kansas City

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In the State of Kansas, law enforcement pursues and heavily prosecutes any potential drug crimes. Drug manufacturing, in particular, carries heavy penalties, as the law prohibits anyone from creating illegal substances, and even purchasing products that are known to create illegal substances or drugs.

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What Leads to Drug Charges?

It is up to prosecutors to determine if the elements of a drug charge are in place. First, it must be proven that the person intentionally or knowingly possessed the ingredients needed to manufacture drugs or the equipment. For example, if during the investigation, police uncover lab equipment used to manufacture meth (or methamphetamine), this might establish that there is probable cause to arrest someone for drug manufacturing.

Law enforcement may consider the following when evaluating drug charges:

  • The amount of drugs that were in the person’s possession
  • Whether or not you there was an intention to sell the drugs
  • If the individual has sold drugs, particular to minors

If convicted of drug manufacturing, one could face several penalties that may be a combination of fines, mandatory community service, probation, registration as a drug offender, and possibly even imprisonment. It is important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible from a Kansas City drug crime lawyer so that you know what to anticipate with regards to the criminal process.

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