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Probation Violations in Kansas & Missouri

Arrested? Call a Kansas City Probation Violations Attorney

As criminal defense lawyers with more than 25 years of professional experience in criminal prosecution and defense, Stein Law, LLC understands how difficult it can be to successfully complete your probation. Attorney Stein is a former prosecutor who understands what information can convince the prosecutor to support your request for probation.

Every Case Is Unique

Our Kansas City defense attorneys will spend time with you to better understand what steps you need to take before your court hearing. This includes making sure you are fully aware of your rights and options, and are well informed about the steps that the prosecution may take against you.

We know that there are multiple reasons that probation could have been violated. These include:

  • Are you having a difficult time getting along with your probation officer?
  • Do you struggle to meet the many requirements of probation and maintain employment?
  • Have you been caught at the wrong place at the wrong time?
  • Have you simply made a mistake?

If you are facing a motion to revoke your probation, no matter what the circumstances, contact the office of Stein Law, LLC and remember to keep reporting.

How Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

As your attorneys, we can advise you on how to get back in good standing with your probation officer and the court. We spend time with the prosecutor so he can understand your unique situation.

Even if your probation has been revoked, the court can reinstate your probation. It is our job to inform the court why reinstatement of your probation is the best option for you and for your community.

Call Kansas City criminal defense attorneys at 913.583.0465 to schedule a free initial consultation for effective representation concerning your probation hearing.

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